Thought Leading

thought leading


The Department of Veterans Affairs currently has 80 Non-Profit Corporations, or “NPCs,” that function as the research & education foundations for their affiliated VA medical centers. An essential NPC requirement is paid membership in the National Association of Veterans Research and Education Foundations (NAVREF).

EBIRE was the first recipient for the “Excellence of effort to expand and enhance resources supporting the mission of the VA-affiliated NPCs” by NAVREF.

EBIRE’s leadership continues to be heavily involved in NAVREF’s national efforts, as noted by the following examples:

  •   i. Planning Committee for NAVREF Conference, in Washington, D.C.
  •  ii. Awards Committee for the NAVREF Conference
  • iii. Mentorship & HR Committees
  • iv. Host of quarterly Board of Directors’ quarterly meeting at VANCHCS, showing their support of EBIRE.
  • v. EBIRE is one of two NPCs selected as a NAVREF partner at the 2019 Drug Information Association annual conference.