In addition to medical research, EBIRE is also responsible for facilitating education activities within VANCHCS. The following are examples of things we have facilitated or are planning.

  • Facilitated, coordinated, and hosted the 6th International Colorectal Cancer Screening Symposium (CME/CEU’s offered)
  • Facilitate honorariums with local PIs
  • Organize and facilitate the travel for PIs to attend domestic and international conferences
  • Facilitate, coordinate and host monthly research presentations for the VANCHCS – Mather research community
  • Facilitate Neuropsychological Brown Bag Luncheons “NBBL” for the VANCHCS – Martinez research community
  • Coordinate with industry sponsors to facilitate professional meetings where VA physicians can present new or improved medical procedures
  • Through collaboration with the Associate Chief of Staff for Education, administer funds paid by private universities in exchange for the delivery of professional student training at VANCHCS