Thought Leading

thought leading

The Department of Veterans Affairs has 84 Non-Profit Corporations, or “NPCs,” that function as the research & education foundations for their affiliated VA medical centers. EBIRE is one of the more outspoken and creative NPCs, as noted by the following recent examples.

  • The Veterans Health Administration has a designated legal team referred to as the “Specialty Team Advising Research,” or “STAR,” that facilitates the legal review of all proposed research contracts.
  • EBIRE successfully challenged a national STAR requirement, facilitating a change in their official practice to allow dually-appointed research investigators to be the lead PI on their studies that are simultaneously engaged at both their University and VAMC, as long as the PI limits their involvement to the research science as opposed to becoming involved with any contract negotiations.
  • EBIRE has identified a new option for VAMCs to expand their education-related activities.
  • Private universities who rely on VAMCs for professional training of their students are willing to pay for these training efforts.
  • EBIRE is leading the way, in consultation with the STAR team, to implement a process whereby these universities can pay the NPC directly for training. In turn, the NPC designates these funds for the specific medical service that provided the training so that things such as outside staff development training or IT services can be purchased, i.e. things that are either impossible or difficult to obtain through the federal bureaucracy.
  • EBIRE has expanded its role from strictly grant management to assisting PIs with fundraising for projects.
  • We developed an entire fundraising campaign for a VA neurologist, in order to seek private foundation and individual donors financial support.
  • We provide PIs with templates and staff time to prepare PI-initiated research protocols and connect these PIs with complimentary industry companies.
  • In September of 2015 EBIRE was awarded the first national award for “Excellence of effort to expand and enhance resources supporting the mission of the VA-affiliated NPCs” by the National Association of Veterans Research and Education Foundations (NAVREF).
  • In part due to the 9/15 national award, and as a result of EBIRE’s positive work with VA’s Non-Profit Program Office, EBIRE’s CEO, John C. Johnson, has been invited to participate in two important planning efforts:
  • He has joined the Executive Planning Committee for 2016 NAVREF Conference, to be held in Washington, D.C.
  • He has joined the Executive Committee for the first-ever West Coast Conference between VA’s and Contract Research Organizations.