In recent years the Department of Veterans Affairs has created a broad template to be used for all contractual agreements involving both pharmaceutical and device manufacturing companies. Referred to as “Cooperative Research And Development Agreements,” or “CRADAs” these templates streamline the legal contracting process. Fundamentally, there are five types of CRADA models:

i. Basic Science
ii. Phase I-IV (see sample below)
iii. New Device
iv. PI-Initiated
v. Material Transfers

As of October 1st, 2015 VA revised the Phase I-IV CRADA to be even more industry-friendly. Specifically, revisions that can be incorporated in to all CRADAs give ownership interest of inventions and intellectual property to the industry sponsor.

Given the vast, diverse patient population within the VA medical system, coupled with the healthcare industry’s bests electronic medical record system, conducting research at VANCHCS through EBIRE is a fabulous opportunity for industry.


Download Model_1-4_100115 (PDF format)